my childhood desk comes to life!

I had been oh so eager to use Annie Sloan's new chalk paint. Finally, I had a reason! I found the old desk I used as a child with phone numbers and doodling in sharpie all over the top, the only answer to restore this desk was chalk paint! Yes! I found myself in C'est Moi (the only place in town that sell's Annie's paint) deciding over while color of Annie's chalk paint to buy. I ended up with Duck Blue and this beautiful desk, if I may say, a few days later! Check out C'est Moi http://shopcestmoi.blogspot.com/
With all the fun I had with my sharpie in middle school...

duck blue is painted on the desk and just a regular ole acrylic  paint a  few tones off on the drawer

the amazing paint!

my work space... outside! 

coming to a close... I painted some frames while I was at it

Finished!! painted knobs too! Such a proud moment, first piece of furniture I've ever painted!

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  1. Well done Elizabeth! I love your new desk:-) Lovely colour chalk paint and great distressing.