lets measure...

The whole family for our growth chart! My very talented sister has made this totally "Pottery Barn"growth chart. What a beautiful way to keep up with your family growth and be able to display it in a beautiful way. It is so practical and adds more love into your decorations around the house. These type of items are what turn your house into a home!

My sister is up for commission if anyone would like to add one to their home or give one as a gift!

lamp love

The lamp shade didn't turn out like I had hope however its still cute enough. This was the first time I had ever done this, I couldn't really ruin anything so it made the attempt easier!

There's my little lamp and new and improved shade!

everyone you need on one necklace

I made this one for a friend, her and her husband were married in October (opal) and they have two little girls; one born in October (opal) and the other in June (pearl).

The large tear drop opal is to represent her anniversary. The smaller rectangular shaped opal is for her first daughter, it is also tented pink, which I love to represent her little girl. The last bead is a pearl for her youngest daughter.
Lastly the cross is just great, so I added it on with a pearl up top to go along with the rest.

Once again not the best pictures. I wish I had captured the clasp, I added a pearl to each side of the clasp.


a broken camera does'nt stop me from creating...

A broken camera just stops me from blogging!

What do you know, my camera gets dropped at the Brittany Spears concert. I would like to say Brittany was worth it... Niki Majai defiantly was. 

Us girls at the concert!

These are a few phone pictures of what I have been creating lately.

One of my favorites to paint. Wish I had a better  picture  so the itty bitty lady bugs were seen.
 forgot to get a picture before I handed it off...An unfinished.. almost there fabric T! Go Vols!

A necklace I made for my sister's mother in law. Each stone represents a child or grandchild and daughter in law. Loved making this! The colors surprisingly went together so well.

Child 1 is represented by a Blue stone for Sapphire Birthstone 
Daughter in Law and Grandchild: Emerald and Pearl are for May and June
Child 2: Light green is for Peridot 
Daughter in Law and Grandchildren: Garnet, Pearl and 2 garnets are for January and June birthdays

Child 3: Red stone is for Ruby