Hayden Kate

ahh! what a precious name! painted these sweet flowers for a super great girl that I work with at the hospital. Turned out a lot better than I expected! love it and can't wait to meet you Hayden Kate!

I love love painting these flowers for a little girl! 

Wedding Verse

 Painting of a verse for one of the sweetest couples I know! 

congrats Marshall and Wesley!! love you two!

wedding card i made for them with my new learned embossing...

All of her grandbabies!

For Christmas this year I made my mother a necklace with a stone for each of her grandbabies!  I loved making a necklace for my mom because it is such a huge part of me. 
Each separate link represent a separate family. 

if case you are curious....from left to right; pearl is for June: Cord. peridot is for August; Weston. The 3 emeralds are for May; Asa, Chapel and Jude, aquamarine colored stone is for March; Ava Wren. Lastly is opal for October; Thomas, amethyst for February; Emily and ruby for July; Shannon.  

Mom, Dad and some of their grandbabies on Christmas! so much love in this picture!

Mimi and the girls making Jesus' birthday cake!

The Love's Stationary

A quick trip to paper source one Monday afternoon to order stationary for a wedding gift, turn into a 2 hour exciting, inspiring and yes expensive trip! The sweet girl that helped me encouraged me to do something I would never have thought to do. To make my own monogrammed/personalized embossed stationary. After the purchase of blank stationary, lower case stamps, stamp pad, zap dryer and embossing powder, I was off to make stationary! 

This was such a fun process! Here is how it turned out... 

half of the stationary I stamped aLt for their initals 
the other half  I stamped todd and amber love on the card and the loves on the envelope

paper source even supplied me with a stationary box for the cards, got to stamp that one up too!
my favorite girls and I at the wedding! xoxo

Check out paper source for some inspiration... they will never let you down!