craft time!

Craft time is here! My nieces, Ava Wren, Chapel and nephew, Asa came over this week for crafts! We had a blast. We painted tree stumps, then finger printed the leaves and hot glued some fabric flowers!
our finished paintings!

silly faces!

Asa's beautiful tree painting

sweet Chapel working on her frame. Craft #2

our paint plates


who doesn't love turquoise!

Just a few earrings I made a while ago, just wanted to document and share. love love love turquoise! 

all of the turquoise hanging out together!


dainty little necklace

I was on a mission to find a chain I had bought in Knoxville several years ago at Lily's Beadbox. It was no where to be found in Nashville, after several attempts I finally found it at this online shop called Beadaholique. Quickly I ordered "The" chain I was so desperately in search of and it appeared on my doorstep soon after! 
gold-filled long short. i love the dainty-ness of this chain!

I am a big fan of turquoise. I love the way it blends with other colors and the brightness it carries. So I wired up some beads... five of them actually. 3 of the 5 turquoise . 

my favorite bead combo

chain on chain
Oh!  This one is layered in gold, I like it quite well. The gold circles, are actually large chain as well, I layered them up and strung them on the chain. Can't wait to sport it out and about!