born to bleed orange

Cord man was born to love the Volunteers! I thought this would be a fun surprise for his room. The T is out of orange fabric and the rest is painted with plain ole paint! 

garden of love

Gardening has been a new adventure for me Last year I started my first potted garden. There is something special to gardening for me, I have to use patients like no where else and the joy that comes once one has started sprouting!!!!
I just love to plant and hope for little sprouts to grow!
last years garden summer 2010



summer 2011

My biggest challenge has been those 3 little pots at the bottom. Cilranto!


from old to new

While in Hilton Head for a summer beach trip with my Mom, Aunt, Sister and Cord we turned an old t-shirt into a razor back tee. I found the t-shirts at Goodwill (tried to find cute and long tee's) and we went to cutting. Razor back tee's aren't everyone's thing, so while there we used them as bathing suit cover ups. Just perfect!



We also enjoyed some wine! So we needed tags to differentiate glasses, found some fabric and we had tags!

We enjoyed good food as well. So delicious. 

found the recipe on www.foodgawker.com 

Happy Summer Y'all!


color coordinating

I have had these coral colored stones forever and never have anything to wear with them until I found some great coral/pink colored shoes to wear to a wedding this weekend. I revamped the earrings up, added some turquoise and pearl and ta da, I have these little lovlies. Can't wait to wear them tonight. 


some of my favorite things

The Heart of Home

I had an absolute blast painting these 3 "home sweet home" paintings.  I am going to title them "The Heart of Home" The words that I used around the border were; blessings, laugh, love, family, friends, kin folk, live, faith, joy, hope, dream big, love bugs and the couples wedding date. I wanted to paint each to match the couple I was painting it for as much as possible so each is different, that's what I loved so much about them.

Let me know if you are in need of an original wedding gift, I'd be happy to help.