when i want a quick lift i love to go card shopping..

Love their stationary!

birthday beads

A few years ago I made this delicate, gold filled chain necklace with a single dark green quartz bead. I made it while living in Knoxville, Lily's bead box in Knoxville is hands down the best bead shop ever!
Check out the website http://www.lillysbeadbox.com/ The opportunity to order supplies online makes my life very easy when it comes to finding the perfect jewels.
I started wearing my necklace more frequently and got a few comments... which inspired me to make a similar one for my sister.
I couldn't wait to bring out my wire, tools and beads to create a little something special for a special birthday. I wanted to incorporate the birth stone colors of September (sapphire), June (pearl) and May(emerald). These are the colors of my sisters husband, her little boy and herself. I came across the perfect colored pearls, deep blue for sapphire, dark green for emerald and of course pearl for pearl. I wired the three up on a beautiful chain, added a green quartz for some umph and ta da!
Happy Birthday! Hope you are always reminded of your little one and sweet honey as you wear your necklace! love you! xoxo

circle of love and yarn

I had the intention of giving this wreath during the holidays but it turned into a wreath for all seasons. I was thrilled with the way the colors blended and loved the look of the single fabric ball.

Dear wreath, I put a lot of love into stringing you up. I hope you make each person that enters the home of Celeste smile, how could you not be happy with this sweet girl. I know you will be happy in your Colorado home!


for the Scott's love nest

my thinking process

the love birds and I with my love bird :)

a lota heart

This was an engagement card for a sweet couple. I had the idea for a while and so glad to finally stop with my procrastination and make it! Turned out great with more than one button!

those love birds just a dancin'

Mom, Mommie, Madre, Mutter, Mommy, Ahm.

Mother's Day Cards 2011

Two of my favorite Mother's and I :) I have gained so much love and wisdom from you two!

may your cake runneth over!

Birthday card for a friend, the fabric cut from a skirt I bought in Honduras. Love the 70's print.

Those who helped me pick out the fabric