my childhood desk comes to life!

I had been oh so eager to use Annie Sloan's new chalk paint. Finally, I had a reason! I found the old desk I used as a child with phone numbers and doodling in sharpie all over the top, the only answer to restore this desk was chalk paint! Yes! I found myself in C'est Moi (the only place in town that sell's Annie's paint) deciding over while color of Annie's chalk paint to buy. I ended up with Duck Blue and this beautiful desk, if I may say, a few days later! Check out C'est Moi http://shopcestmoi.blogspot.com/
With all the fun I had with my sharpie in middle school...

duck blue is painted on the desk and just a regular ole acrylic  paint a  few tones off on the drawer

the amazing paint!

my work space... outside! 

coming to a close... I painted some frames while I was at it

Finished!! painted knobs too! Such a proud moment, first piece of furniture I've ever painted!


jewels from Lily's Bead Box

weekly worn necklace! love the stones from Lily's Bead Box, what a great shop!
visit their website for inspiration http://www.lillysbeadbox.com/

family time at the farm

starting the day out right with a wagon ride
i love how this picture captures these little ones personalities so well
remarkable setting sun
how blessed am i!

wrap up that wrist

wrap bracelet for a dear friend

also can be worn as a necklace...

its in the details

stones for your birth month. 

perfect visual to help pick your length

my thing is this turquoise cross

Goodness gracious, this was such a fun necklace to make. green onyx wrapped at the top of large turquoise cross, purple stones to clasp it and the 3 birthstones of her grandbabies; peridot, pearl and opal 

the grandbabies on Easter

just a little left over bunny painting on our faces

shadow fun on a summers day


its simple with Jesus

Simple cross bracelet, reminds me its simple with Jesus! Made the side cross necklace and decided that I wanted a cross bracelet, so I made one! Its hard to tell but one is a wrap bracelet that I made and the cross is on a single strand.

Here's the picture of it along with my other favorite bracelets, complements of Pangea.


close to my heart...

is the cross and one that wears this! Made this necklace for a special lady in my life-- Momma Lambert! Hope you are loving it! love you!